Top 10 Reasons to Call a Child Life Specialist

1. Child/Patient needs preparation for invasive procedure.

2. Child/Patient is having difficulty coping with a necessary procedure, i.e.,

crying, fighting or hiding.

3. Child/Patient exhibits oppositional behavior, refusing to cooperate without

anger or hostility.

4. Child/Patient or siblings express specific fears to staff, needing follow up.

5. Child/Patient is perceived by staff as withdrawn.

5. Child/Patient is having difficulty taking medication or following directives

from the medical team.

6. Child/Patient admitted having recently experienced a traumatic loss or has

been previously diagnosed with a chronic illness or syndrome and is non-

compliant with treatment plan

7. Child/Patient has been newly diagnosed with chronic illness or is agitated

due to previously diagnosed disorder such as ADHD, neurological

challenges, etc.

8. Child/Patient admitted for injuries resulting from a traumatic accident, i.e.,

MVA, fire, etc.

9. Child/Patient whose injuries or diagnosis has resulted from suspected child



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