Do you think it’s better to get your masters in child life and then try to get in the field or do you think a bachelors is really enough?

That is something that is completely up to you! Personally, I think the more you know the better & I someday hope to get my Masters degree. Also, by the year 2022 it will be a requirement of the Child Life Council to have your masters degree –

2 responses to “Do you think it’s better to get your masters in child life and then try to get in the field or do you think a bachelors is really enough?”

  1. Hi! I wasn’t really sure how to post a new question so I decided to tag onto this one.
    I’m a senior in college and I’m getting my BS in Psychology. I’m really interested in Child Life and I’ve done a TON of research about the field…but my problem is I just don’t know where to start.
    I won’t be going directly into graduate school, though I hope to pursue a masters in the next application cycle. I REALLY want to use this gap time to get experience and to start completing requirements to become a Child Life Specialist.
    I know I need to start volunteer work with children in hospitals, but so far that has been difficult since I go to school in a different state (Washington) than I live in the summer (Colorado) so I couldn’t commit to 6 consecutive months that the hospitals in my area require.
    How do I get going? Any advice?
    Please ANY and ALL advice you have would be amazing. I’m just so excited/ready to get going!

    • Hello!

      I volunteered at a children’s hospital with the intentions of spending my 6 month commitment there. However, after 3 months I was accepted to a practicum program in another state so, unfortunately, I had to stop volunteering. I didn’t receive any hour verification since I did not complete my commitment but I did get 3 months of experience which I was able to refer back to when applying to practicums. Luckily, throughout my practicum/internship I was never asked for documentation on hours I spent volunteering. I don’t want to promote not fulfilling volunteering commitments but, to be honest, sometimes things come up! Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, e-mail me at

      best of luck!

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