MR-I Am Ready!

Wolfson Children’s Hospital recently launched a program aimed at reducing the number of pediatric patients undergoing sedation for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) diagnostic scans.

The program, called “MR—I Am Ready!”, focuses on training and practice designed to familiarize children with the sights and sounds of the MRI scanner and prepares them to lie perfectly still for extended periods of time without sedation. Complete immobility during the procedure is critical for acquiring high-quality images used for diagnosis.

“MR-I Am Ready!” is a joint service of the Child Life and Radiology Departments at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, supported by pediatric anesthesiologists and other pediatric subspecialty physicians with Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville, and the University of Florida College of Medicine—Jacksonville, who serve on the hospital’s medical staff. It is offered free of charge.


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