Interview Help

After many interviews for a practicum and an internship I’ve been able to collect quite a few interview questions. Here are some that have stood out to me:


1. This is a common question in any interview. Pointing out your weaknesses is not a fun and easy thing to do, so I feel that it’s important to have thought these questions through prior to the interview so that you have strong answers.

2. I’ve heard this question in more than one occasion. You’re going to want to talk about past experiences with children and I feel that this question is a great window into being able to bring up some of those experiences.

3. A big part of my practicum was dedicated to developing our elevator speech (how you would describe child life to someone of they asked you in an elevator.) It’s good to have your elevator speech thought out and ready to go for interviews, yes, but also for yourself!

4. This question caught me off guard when I was first asked. It’s easy to get caught up with studying theorists, child development, and scenarios and while yes, that’s all extremely important, interviewers want to know about you as a person too!

5. Everyone’s goal for an internship or practicum (should) be to learn more about the career and gain enough experience to move on to the next step. Take some time before your interviews and create a list of goals you have that will set you apart from the obvious.

2 responses to “Interview Help”

  1. I’m so excited to stumble upon your site. I’m a senior in college, former preschool teacher, and future CCLS. I look forward to learning from your experience!

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