Take a deep breath…


These are some of my favorite coping tools to use with my patients during procedures. After proving a procedural teaching, I offer my patients a choice between their own personal bubbles to blow , my jumbo bubble wand to blow, or a pinwheel to blow. I tell my patients how important it is to take deep breaths whenever they’re feeling nervous or scared & that by blowing bubbles/into a pinwheel, it can help them remember to keep calm. I’ve even gotten some very “too cool for school” teens to engage in my bubble/pinwheel blowing fun by starting off with “… I know this seems really silly, but…”. I also usually give my teens a stress ball (well, stress – life saver which is what I currently have) if they rather use that to help them cope. By using this technique, I am teaching children how to cope, promoting deep breathing exercises (which relax the body and thus is said to make procedures less painful), and giving them options in a situation where they may feel as if they’re losing control.

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