My pockets are full!

I’ve come to notice that for the first time in my life I am truly relying on my cardigans/pants (both) having pockets! I am constantly walking around in the ER and getting pulled from one situation to another so going back and forth to my cart for supplies isn’t a convenient option. One little girl thought it was really silly that I had so many things in my pockets & told me I was like Marry Poppins! I think I may need to invest in a fanny pack of some sort soon.


– sharpie (to write on toys)
– dry erase marker (to leave my number inside patient rooms)
– pen
– IV prep kit
– iron man spinning light for distraction
– bubbles for distraction
– keys to my many nooks around the ER with my supplies
– and my favorite thing in my pockets, my little panda good luck talisman given to my by a fellow CLS!

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