Favorite find of the month

By having this fabulous blog to keep up to date, I am constantly looking for fun & new Child Life related things to spread the word on. This month, I came across http://www.childlifetechnology.org/

CLT Logo


They are a group of tech-savy people who are here to “provide solutions to technology questions and challenges for caring child life professionals.” I’ve only been a CLS since January but 7 months in and I have already faced so many obstacles trying to implement technology into my every day work. Being in charge of Video games, DVD players, and (hopefully soon) iPads, I have become rather good friends with out IT, Bio Med, and Engineering team at my hospital. It’s 2014 and technology is everywhere and surprisingly, not as easy to implement/maintain as you may think. I didn’t really value technology in the hospital as much as I do now being that I’m the one in charge of all of the “fun” technology in my department. So, knowing that there are people like the ones at Child Life Technology that understand our role as Child Life Specialists and how frustrating technology can be, it’s heartwarming to find such great help. Thank YOU, Child Life Technology.



You have to read their “about us” – http://www.childlifetechnology.org/AboutUs.html

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