Casting shadow buddies!

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In the emergency room we see many closed bone reductions (darn monkey bars!) so with the kids that are especially anxious about getting a cast, I like to create a shadow buddy and put a cast on their new little friend. This fun activity helps them get creative in decorating their doll (great key to see how they’re feeling based on what they draw) and allows them to gain mastery on cast placement. Also, when they go home they have a little pal that has a cast just like theirs.

With all of this talk about casting, one of our lovely ortho techs made me my own cast to be able to show kids what it’s “really” going to look like.

Currently I only have 4 shadow dolls that I received from someone else’s donation. You can’t really buy shadow dolls (at a reasonable price) so if any of my readers have tips on how I can get shadow dolls, please let me know!


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