Child Life Month Update

Hello blog world!  This past month has been one of the busiest months I’ve ever lived! Not only have I begun working in a totally different setting with a new population of patients in a new hospital, I also had the pleasure of working at one of our hospital’s week-long camps (look out for a post on this), and oh yeah, I’m nearing the end of the semester in grad school so I’m swamped with assignments, readings, and projects to do during the little free time I have. Is this what they mean when they talk about March Madness? Anyways, now that I am finally learning my way around the new hospital, camp has come and gone, and most of my grad school assignments have been turned in, I am able to calmly sit down at my computer with a cup of peppermint tea & blog!

It is unfortunate that one of the busiest months of my life happened to be during child life month because I was not able to celebrate with you all! To make up for lost time, here are some of my favorite quotes and meme’s from the last month. For more photos of my own day to day adventure in child life, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@adventuresinchildlife), Twitter (@adventuresincl), and Facebook (!

PS, during my March madness, I was able to register for the Child Life Conference! Are any of you planning on attending the conference this year as well? Let’s keep in touch!












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