Child Life Certification Exam – Update

Child Life Certification Exam – Update

When I was studying for the Child Life Certification exam I had some printed literature on ethics in health care. This resource came in very handy as I recall having a couple of questions on the exam relating to this topic. After creating a post on how I studied for the child life certification exam , I received many e-mails asking about the health care ethics resource I used. After lots of researching, I have not been able to find a copy of the exact literature I personally studied for the exam (I used a set of handouts which were given to me by a child life supervisor along my adventure). However, while doing some researching for a grad school project,  I was able to find some information on health care ethics that match the context of what I studied for the exam! The following link provides simple definitions for words relating to health care ethics. If you are doing research independently for additional information on this subject, make sure you are familiar with health care ethics terminology. Try and search for scenario questions relating to the health care ethics as well. Happy studying!


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