Favorite find of the month 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts how much I love giving gold medals as a reward for brave patients. Especially when I was working in the ER, on a busy night  I’d easily run through a pack of medals. Often times I’ve noticed that when given a medal and a toy as a reward, patients are more excited about the medal!

This months favorite find is all about medals. We finish together is  an organization where those who have won medals can donate them to be given to children in the hospital. Our local chapter came to give some out to the kiddos in our hospital earlier this month. I love this organization and the immense positive impact it has on our pediatric patients.

One response to “Favorite find of the month ”

  1. I love the idea of giving out medals. What a great way for the kids to remember their (hopefully positive) stay at the hospital. I really enjoy reading your blog, thank you! 🙂
    I just started my own Child Life Blog and I would love your feedback! https://threepeaschildlife.wordpress.com/
    Thank you for writing such a helpful blog! 🙂

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