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Welcome! I’m Diane! I created Adventures in child life at the very beginning of my adventure, while I was in college. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to pursue a career in but I did know I wanted to work with children so, I was in the Family and Child Sciences major at my university. Then one day, in one of my Friday afternoon classes, my professor briefly mentioned child life as a career option. I went home and looked it up and knew this is what I wanted!

After college, I gained 100 volunteer hours under a CCLS, completed a practicum, and then my internship all within a little over a year! Shortly after my internship, I landed a job in a pediatric emergency room and then the adventure truly began!

In my time as a CCLS, I worked in several different areas. After two years of working in the emergency room, I made the decision to leave that position and apply to a free-standing children’s hospital with a large child life team in my area. I was hired into that child life program where I spent five years.

While I am still a CCLS II, I am no longer practicing as a child life specialist. I made the decision to pursue another career in late 2021 as a UX/UI designer. Child life is still near and dear to my heart and I love sharing my story, inspiring others, and helping child life specialists along their adventure in any way I can.

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For the most up to date and accurate information on how to become a child life specialist, please visit the Association of Child Life Professionals

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