Here’s another great activity my friend Alex had for our practicum project – a medical mystery box! This was one of my personal favorites and the kids who participated really loved it as well. Check out her descriptions on the side of the picture.


I was recently inspired by one of my previous posts with this band-aid art idea. My twist however was that the children who made these “get well cards” could either keep them or leave them with me and I’d take it to a patient in the hospital. It was a great hit! Children and teens of all ages came by to make some and even some parents! It was very fun to see how creative children can be with medical supplies.

Things I used for this craft:
– band aids
– gauze
– construction paper
– glue
– googly eyes
– markers

I have an interview for a child life practicum in a few week, any ideas on what kind of questions they may ask?

from personal experience I would say that you should definitely know about different theorists (Piaget, Ericsson, etc.), general knowledge about different age groups and the differences between them, and have strong answers for questions on why you chose the field, advocacy, etc. Also, make sure and be honest with the scenario based questions — if you don’t know what you’d do in a situation, say so! And just tell them you hope to learn that during your practicum 🙂

They have some sample questions on the clc website you can review.

Let me know how it goes! Good luck!!