Sibling Support

The other day I had a patient (10yo) come into the ER with her mother and younger sister (6yo) via ambulance for a laceration. The two girls were doing backflips into the pool and well, one of those backflips didn’t end so well. I went into the room and the patient seemed to be coping very well.Continue reading “Sibling Support”

Worth it: 001

  Often times when people learn about what I do I get sympathetic responses and gasps with comments like “that is so sad”, “I could never do that”, “how are you able to emotionally handle such a sad job”. And while yes, sometimes situations can be VERY sad, there are always more good days thatContinue reading “Worth it: 001”

Favorite find of the month!

I’m so excited that I found this awesome 2-in-1 bubble wand with spinning light on top! This works great for distraction – especially with toddlers/preschool kiddies whose attention span isn’t always the longest. I bought this little gem at Walgreens in the Spring/seasonal isle for $3.99. Happy bubble blowin’ & light spinnin’ fellow child life-ers!

“Comfort holds are used by parents and caregivers during treatments to reduce stress and anxiety in the child and help immobilize an arm or leg for procedures.” The following link has some information on different comfort holds & procedures they can be done for.  Source:

“Little Evelyn enjoying the Vecta Distraction System donated to El Paso Children’s by Children’s Miracle Network particularly effective calming and soothing special needs children’s during procedures in the Emergency Department and Imaging.”   Source: 

A great way for teens to cope with the effects of hospitalization is to write! Writing is a great way to express yourself and let your mind wander by getting your thoughts, fears, and ideas down on paper. However, even the most creative writer can get writers block when staring at a blank sheet of paper –Continue reading