Favorite Find of the Month 

My favorite find of the month this month is an organization named“Hope Has Fun”. Founded by 10-year-old Isabella, Hope Has Fun brings the power of play to children in the hospital. Their current project is to collect items for Operation Smile’s Child Life program. This project will be open for anyone to participate in until May 2016 when they will give the donations to Operation Smile Child Life programs around the world. I am personally a huge supporter of Operation Smile’s Child Life program so I feel this is an incredible way to help out in the Child Life community. Way to go, Hope Has Fun!

For more information on Hope Has Fun visit: http://www.hopehasfun.org/

For more information on Operation Smile visit: http://www.operationsmile.org/

Genius idea from a genius girl!

11-year-old Kylie Simonds is in the works to create a backpack that could replace IV poles for children in the hospital. This IV backpack would help take away the stigma of seeing “the dreaded IV pole” and help kids be kids a little more while in the hospital. This is such an amazing idea, you go, Kylie!

Kylie Simonds’ original backpack features Hello Kitty but, once they are manufactured, they can be made in other designs.

To check out her Go Fund Me page, click: http://www.gofundme.com/bz01ds

To learn more about her story, click: Source: http://www.couragebykylie.com/

Favorite find of the month

By having this fabulous blog to keep up to date, I am constantly looking for fun & new Child Life related things to spread the word on. This month, I came across http://www.childlifetechnology.org/

CLT Logo


They are a group of tech-savy people who are here to “provide solutions to technology questions and challenges for caring child life professionals.” I’ve only been a CLS since January but 7 months in and I have already faced so many obstacles trying to implement technology into my every day work. Being in charge of Video games, DVD players, and (hopefully soon) iPads, I have become rather good friends with out IT, Bio Med, and Engineering team at my hospital. It’s 2014 and technology is everywhere and surprisingly, not as easy to implement/maintain as you may think. I didn’t really value technology in the hospital as much as I do now being that I’m the one in charge of all of the “fun” technology in my department. So, knowing that there are people like the ones at Child Life Technology that understand our role as Child Life Specialists and how frustrating technology can be, it’s heartwarming to find such great help. Thank YOU, Child Life Technology.



You have to read their “about us” – http://www.childlifetechnology.org/AboutUs.html

I love Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital!

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Spreads Cheer With Pharrell Williams’ Hit “Happy” « CBS Miami.

So proud to see these Child Life Specialists that taught me everything I know on the news! Click the link above to see the amazing work the Child Life team is doing at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.  I’ll always have a soft spot for the hospital where I did my internship. Happy Child Life month!

From Cruelty to Understanding: Trends in Special Education

From Cruelty to Understanding: Trends in Special Education

One of my wonderful readers recently e-mailed me this infographic for me to post & spread the word about special education then & now. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as my mother owns and operates her own group home for people with disabilities and my best friends brother has down syndrome – we are actually hosting a holiday party for him & his friends later this month! Understanding the needs for people with disabilities is a big part of child life & many other careers that focus on working with children. It’s great to see from this inforgraphic how far we’ve come and how important it is that we continue to move forward in being able to provide our special needs community with the best resources available.

Thanks for sharing, Lauren!
Source: http://www.special-education-degree.net/trends/

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Below are some of my favorite websites & organization that help support and raise awareness for those affected by childhood cancer:

  • HeadbandsofHope.org – for every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer and $1 is donated to the St.Baldricks foundation to help fund pediatric cancer research. In honor of Childhood cancer awareness month, the organization is doubling up and giving away two headbands for every one that is purchased & donating $2 to the St.Baldrick’s foundation. Use promo code “HopeDiane” at checkout for a discount.
  • Alexslemonade.org – this is an amazing foundation that started when 4-year-old Alex said she wanted to start a lemonade stand. They have tons of information on their website about ways you can get involved and raise awareness.
  • Acco.org – the American Childhood Cancer Organization website also has a lot of information on was that you’re able to help raise awareness & advocate for children affected by cancer.

Fall is (almost) here!


With the first day of Fall quickly approaching I am very excited for all the things going on during my favorite season this year. Aside from all things “pumpkin spice” making a comeback, there are lots of things going on here in South Florida relating to Child Life.

First and foremost, I am starting my Child Life internship next week! I cannot wait to get started! Are any of my readers out there also starting their internships/practicums this Fall?

Also going on this September, the Florida Association of Child Life Professionals is hosting their 22nd annual conference in Miami, Florida.


And on October 17th, 2013, the Starlight Foundation is hosting a fashion show of which 100% of donations benefit the programs and services of Starlight Children’s Foundation Florida.


I’ll be sure and keep you all posted on these events & any upcoming ones.