Teddy Bear Clinic 

Another fun event my team and I hosted in honor of child life month was a teddy bear clinic. This event is usually a great hit with the patients and families. We started off by giving each “doctor” their patients chart. Here we included some information on the “top 10 reasons to call your childContinue reading “Teddy Bear Clinic “

Favorite apps

I just recently got approval to use an iPad as a tool for distraction and education with my patients. I am so grateful to finally be able to use this amazing tool! Here are some of my favorite apps that I’ve been using: Medi toons is my go-to app when doing appy teachings for olderContinue reading “Favorite apps”

Teddy bear casting clinic

Today my fellow CCLS & I helped in hosting a teddy bear casting clinic outside of a local children’s theater. It was so much fun! The kids loved learning how to cast their bears & being able to feel the supplies used. We successfully casted tons of Teddy’s with broken arms and legs. (No teddyContinue reading “Teddy bear casting clinic”

Syringe painting

One of my favorite activities to do with my patients is syringe painting. I haven’t had much of a chance to do it in a while and last week I finally got the opportunity! I was supporting a very spunky & brave 7-year-old during her IV start which took a long time because her veinsContinue reading “Syringe painting”

Theme week – Day 5, World Fair!

For our grand finale of our theme week we decided to have a World Fair! We had stickers, passports, globe stress balls, and globe headbands to hand out to the kiddos that came by (all purchases from oriental trading.) As for crafts, kids could either travel to Brazil to make carnival headdresses or to Venice,Continue reading “Theme week – Day 5, World Fair!”

Theme week – Day 2, Egypt

Today we traveled to Egypt where we used casting materials to make our own mummies! Materials used: – Popsicle sticks – googly eyes – glue – tape – tissue paper – sticky casting wrap – cotton casting wrap

Theme week – Day 1, China!

For my internship we are required to do a theme week and we decided to make the theme Around The World! Today we traveled to China where we made Chinese lanterns. Materials used : paper lanterns were from oriental trading. We also had construction paper to make a different model of the lanterns if theContinue reading “Theme week – Day 1, China!”