This is a great database of children’s books that deal with sensitive subjects such as:  hospitals & operations, new baby, fear of the dark, moving to a new home, starting school, healthy eating, etc.

Social/Emotional Development – 10 worksheets available – Practice identifying and discussing common emotions. Gain empathy by understanding what makes different people feel each different emotion. These would  be great to print out and have in a binder with sheet protectors to be filled out with dry-erase markers.



“The balloon represents the lung and the plastic sheet across the bottom of the bottle represents the diaphragm muscle.  As you pull the tab down, you contract the diaphragm and inflate the lung.  As you push the tab back up, the diaphragm relaxes and the lung deflates.  It is a subtle inflate/deflate with the balloon, but the girls were able to see the basic idea of how the diaphragm and lungs work.”


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