Helping non-verbal patients have a voice

I recently had a patient that was unable to speak after a surgical procedure. She was developmentally appropriate and had no prior history of hospitalization so all of this was new and very frustrating for her. Her nurses came to me asking for help because she was having a very hard time communicating with them.Continue reading “Helping non-verbal patients have a voice”

Child life month – first timer

As you all may know, this is my first year celebrating Child Life Month as a Child Life Specialist! Very exciting!! However, I am the only CLS in my department so it’s really up to me how I decide to celebrate Child Life month (no pressure, right?!). Being that I started working in January, IContinue reading “Child life month – first timer”

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Below are some of my favorite websites & organization that help support and raise awareness for those affected by childhood cancer: – for every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer and $1 is donated to the St.Baldricks foundation to help fund pediatric cancer research. In honor of Childhood cancer awarenessContinue reading “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month”