Paul and the Dragon

Paul is feeling sick and needs to go to the hospital. After several tests he is diagnosed with cancer. He does not understand what is happening to him, and what the medications are doing. He feels scared and alone. His doctor explains to him that the cancer is like a dragon in 
his body that needs to be fought. As a true hero, young Paul fights the dragon, together with the medications and the love of his family, and wins.

This film is for children with cancer and their families. The film portrays the child with cancer as a hero who has to battle an evil dragon living inside of their body. In this 
exciting humorous metaphor, children will also learn about problems and issues that can arise when a child has cancer. This visual representation of cancer is intended 
to initiate conversation about what is happening, and help alleviate the fears the child may have.


I was at a used book store the other day and found this little gem! “A mom of many hats” is a story from the point of view of a little girl whose mother gets diagnosed with cancer. The story explores the ways she and her brother coped with their mothers diagnosis and how they were able to help. It really is beautifully written and illustrated and ends with a smile.



I was able to find it on if any of you are interested 🙂  

The Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) is part of Ward 15. It’s called the Teenage Cancer Trust because the building, which was opened by Roger Daltrey of rock band The Who in 2010, was paid for by the charity of the same name.”


Bald American Girl dolls too!? 

If I’ve learned anything from my daughter when she pages through a toy store catalog, it’s that kids like to have toys that look like them! And now all the little kids who were forced to go bald — from cancer or some other disease — have a new friend in the folks at American Girl.

The company has introduced its first ever bald doll for kids to cuddle! They come in a variety of skin tones so every kid gets one who looks just like them. Oh, and if you’ve already shelled out the mega bucks to get your kiddo an American Girl doll that has locks, they’ll retro-fit the body with a new hairless head. How cool is that?

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