I was recently inspired by one of my previous posts with this band-aid art idea. My twist however was that the children who made these “get well cards” could either keep them or leave them with me and I’d take it to a patient in the hospital. It was a great hit! Children and teens of all ages came by to make some and even some parents! It was very fun to see how creative children can be with medical supplies.

Things I used for this craft:
– band aids
– gauze
– construction paper
– glue
– googly eyes
– markers

“Phoenix Children’s Hospital shares photos of its healing environment via Pinterest and Flickr. Patients and family members can view images of rooftop gardens, the vibrant dining areas, hospital artwork, and family spaces.”

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phoenixchildrens/6775636796/in/set-72157629067058348

Movie-Playing goggles help children endure MRI sessions. 

NEW HAVEN — After Rachel Brinkman was diagnosed in November with Ewing sarcoma cancer, the 12-year-old Trumbull resident has had to endure several MRI sessions, some that have lasted for hours.

“I get a little nervous, not knowing when the loud noises are coming,” she said.

But when she came in for her last session at the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven Hospital, she watched “Bee Movie,” and that made things go by a lot faster.

She was able to watch it with special goggles, in which the movie takes up the entire field of vision, and it took her mind off being inside the chamber. She could still hear the noises — caused by electricity passing through the magnetic resonance imaging machine’s metal coils — but they didn’t bother her as much.

For the full story, visit this link: http://articles.courant.com/2012-07-13/health/hc-mri-goggles-0713-20120712_1_mri-machine-goggles-rachel

Social/Emotional Development – 10 worksheets available – Practice identifying and discussing common emotions. Gain empathy by understanding what makes different people feel each different emotion. These would  be great to print out and have in a binder with sheet protectors to be filled out with dry-erase markers.


Source: http://www.schoolsparks.com/kindergarten-worksheets/category/emotions-worksheets