Child life month 2018

As always, this child life month my team and I had tons of fun providing child life magic to our patients, families, staff, and our own department! Here’s a list of some of the things we did:

  • Set up a display cabinet in our hospital’s main hallway with photos printed on canvases depicting what child life is all about
  • Created fun events for patients and families through out the month including a kick off carnival, teddy bear clinic, and child life birthday party.
  • Went to each unit with a spin the wheel game for staff. Staff were encouraged to participate and answer child life trivia correctly. If they did, they were given a distraction badge buddy and bubbles and entered into a raffle for a small duffel bag filled with child life goodies!
  • Engaged our own department in a “secret santa” type of activity through out the month where we left our buddy small clues and gifts throughout the month of March ending in a big reveal (shout out to Hayley for coming up with this!)
  • Team lunch provided by our amazingly supportive and inspiring leadership team

What are some fun things your team did for child life month?

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